Designing a tarot deck

I have just recently started a new personal project, my goal is to create the Major Arcana cards for a tarot deck! I recorded some of the pieces in the form of speedpaint videos!

You can watch the process of “The Hierophant” within this post! I am currently working on creating a space on this website for these new creations where you can preview them all!

Hope you like it!


My Etsy Shop is live!

I have managed to upload every single digital print download that is currently available to my Etsy Shop! Hooray!

These are digital downloads only for the time being, but I am considering creating physical prints in the future too!

Regarding the sizing, these are the ratios the images are available to download:

2×3 Ratio for printing:Inches: 4×6 | 6×9 | 8×12 | 10×15 | 12×18 | 16×24 | 20×30 | 24×36
Cm: 10×15 | 20×30 | 30×45 | 40×60 | 50×75 | 60×90

3×4 Ratio for printing:
Inches: 6×8 | 9×12 | 12×16 | 15×20 | 18×24
Cm: 15×20 | 22×30 | 30×40 | 38×50 | 45×60

4×5 Ratio for printing:
Inches: 4×5 | 8×10 | 12×15 | 16×20
Cm: 10×12 | 20×25 | 28×35 | 30×38 | 40×50

International paper size:
A5 | A4 | A3 | A2 | A1



It finally happened, I managed to launch my very own website!

As you probably already seen, my name is Melinda, and I am a freelancer illustrator based in Hungary! I started my business roughly around a year ago, creating this webpage was long overdue on my part – but it’s better late than never. – Right?

I uploaded a selection of my previous works, it can be reached within the Portfolio menu. You can find more of my illustrations by visiting my Instagram, Deviantart or my Tumblr page! I also plan to add my most recent images to the home page whenever my new artwork are ready for display.

What are my next steps? I am currently working on creating an informative pricing sheet that will be available soon, I am also creating prints for my Etsy shop – those will be available as digital downloads probably at the beginning of next year. I managed to fall behind on uploading some of my social medias with new works, updating those are also my priority at the moment!

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or inquiries!

Thank you for visiting!